Herbie The Love Bug (Car not a Changling

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You could say that Herbie was Christine, but a bug, and loving and caring, instead of psychotic and bloodthirsty. I can definatly say that he would fit in, considering that Herbie was magical in some strange way, and was friendly.

5447241I love to see a fic about it!

Nightmare Moon would have a blast with that thing as well

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This needs to happen I dont care who or what I need to sacrifice but it needs to happen!!!!

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Any ideas for the concept of Sentient Vehicle, Herbie; The Love Bug? Show me some love for the Bug.

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So, Im looking for a story involving the famous Disney movie, The Love Bug which did star a lot of famous actors from the 60s/70s, when I realize there isnt any. Anyways, the true star of The Love Bug was Herbie, a 1963 VW Beetle that was fast, and was able to do impossible things (especially at the near end of it). So, since he liked to drive fast, they allowed Herbie to enter in races back then. Throughout the years, Herbie went through a lot of stuff (including having to act next to Lindsey Lohan who, in my opinion, did ok, but nothing exceptional).


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