Herbie Collection

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Herbie is an anthropomorphic 1963 Volkswagen Beetle, a character that is featured in several Disney motion pictures starting with the 1968 feature film The Love Bug. He has a mind of his own and is capable of driving himself, and is a serious contender in auto racing competitions. Throughout most of the franchise, Herbie is distinguished by red, white and blue racing stripes from front to back bumper, a racing-style number 53 on the front trunk lid, doors, and engine lid, and a yellow-on-black 63 California license plate that says, OFP 857. One exception to this is his introduction in The Love Bug, where he initially appears as a nondescript white vehicle with a gray colored fabric sunroof (a.k.a. ragtop), the style of sunroof offered on VW Beetles made through 1963.

Herbie Collection


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