HELP Microsofts infamous Windows Movie Maker bug where it

The one last thing I would suggest trying is to see if you have Previous Versions enabled on your computer and for that project file specifically. Go toWindows Explorerand navigate to where the project file resides. Right-click and chooseProperties. Go to the tab labeledPrevious Versions. If there is something there, try selecting the prior version and see if it will open. If it does, at least you havent lost all your work.

I have some bad news. After spending the last 1½ hours trying to resolve the corruption, I was unable to. What I found was a file that was truncated. There was no data at the end of the file which is where the various extents and project settings would normally be found. In addition, there are lines referencing media items that arent listed at the top of the file.

Glad to hear that you got your final edits made!Hopefully the next project will go much more smoothly. Happy movie making!

UGH! I want my project back.Ihave LITERALLYbeenLABORING over a video for the last month,making sureto saveit along the way at every other second so I wouldntexperience any problems; however, Microsoft has made sure Iexperience problems any way despite saving it along the way.

Just yesterday, Windows Movie Maker stopped responding while I was working on my project and forced me out of the program entirely. Since then whenever I try reopening the saved file,the following message keeps poppingup and it refuses to open the project Ive been working on for the last month:Sorry, Movie Maker cant open this project file. The file might not be compatible with Windows Live Movie Maker or be corrupted. Please select a different project file. (Errror: 0xCOOCEE01). I know theres nothing wrong with the file type which iswlmp. AndI never switched or messed with that so its not that. Whatever the case, this is a great outrage to me as I needed this project complete by this week. Instead of completing my project however, Ive had to spend my precious time researching up on Microsoft and their bug to hurdle this problem.

HELP Microsofts infamous Windows Movie Maker bug where it wont open your file out of nowhere because its corrupted or the project file isnt compatible according to the error message

After spending an entire day researching on Microsoft and their bug as opposed to completing my project, Ive learned that numerous other people have had this same issue because of the ineptness at Microsoft. Apparently, Microsoft did not prepare for the reasonable possibility that people might create large files and thus theres now a bug whenever there is a large file. As far as fast do-it-yourself solutions, Ive seen nothing other than this with unclear instructions step 1 stating copy something and not going into how to copy, where to copy, where to paste, etc. For the most part all I can find on solutions is people just stating that users have to send their work to Microsoft staff and wait for them to fix it. I saw something about having to do this by signing for a Microsoft account and signing up forSkyDrive and being forced to learnall this stuff about someSkyDrive in order to put up my project and send it to Microsoft. However, because Microsoft recently updated this SkyDrive, Icouldnt find all these instructions they were telling me to do in order toput up my project file. Ugh! Microsoft has taken me WAY off the beaten path with their bug.I need someone from Microsoft to revive this file and tell me what to do so that their bug doesnt continue to affect all my hard work. I want to know if I canrevive thisfile onto an entirely different program thatisnt byMicrosoft in any way, shape or form. Can it be brought up on a different video creation software because I dont want to experience these same issues.

I think youll probably get the same response from Microsoft since this is not just a case of a corrupted single caption or wrong settings for a video clip; it is instead an incomplete project file.

Did this solve your problemYesNo

Did this solve your problemYesNo

HELP Microsofts infamous Windows Movie Maker bug where it

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I did try quite a few things including recreating the bottom of the file using another project, re-adding all the music and image reference ids, adding dummy placeholder images for the missing referenced photos, etc. In the end, I still continue to get the same message about the file being corrupted. It will not open regardless of what I tried.

To answer your question, no, the latest copy of the file would not contain the previous versions regardless of name. The prior versions are somewhere on your computer and renaming the file back to the original just linked it back to its history. But if you copy the file (regardless of name) it will just be the latest version with no previous version history. So all I can see is the same corrupted file.


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