This also makes me realize that I miss the old logo also (from the Many Armors of Iron Man).  Not sure what it was about that one.  I just always prefered that one.

Maybe Tony Stark should add some iron utters to his next costume with all the milking thats going on.  I did really enjoy his earlier adventures.  Theres some really good stuff collected here.  The current Iron Man just doesnt do a whole lot for me.  Its not so much about Civil War and the stuff hes done lately.  I guess I just find him a little boring.  Maybe since hes sort of in a political position.  It seems a little silly that the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. would be allowed to put himself at risk constantly.  Yeah I get thats hes not always following the rules but youd think someone would do something about it.  Im just waiting on the day that Nick Fury will return and Iron Man can go back to being more exciting.  Funny that he never asked Bucky a single question about his time working with Fury.   Maybe thats coming up.

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