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Oh yeah, there are humans in Stung. Here Lance Henriksen and Jessica Cook react to one of the wasps emerging from a human host.

Giant bugs attack humanity in the new sci-fi horror film, Stung (opening Friday at the Digital Gym Cinema) and meet TheNATs curator of entomology at the 9 p.m. screening Friday.

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Entomologist Dr. Michael Wall will be on hand on Friday to introduce Stung.

For full disclosure, I volunteer as a film programmer with the group theFilm Geeksat the Digital Gym Cinema that is presenting Stung on Friday night.

Stung is lots of fun with its over the top bug gore. It has no pretense of being great art but it totally gets that its all about giant insects. Its not jokey and self-reflexive in Scream fashion, but neither does it take itself too seriously. It strikes a winning balance of humor and horror.

Not surprisingly Stung has been brought to life by visual effects artist turned director Benni Diez. A visual effects artist may not make the best director but he knows how to get to the action fast and deliver creatures that are fun to watch. Diez and writer Adam Aresty (who was inspired to write the script based on his own irrational fear of bees) dont waste time with set up or the unnecessary padding that many horror films feel obliged to deliver where they pretend to be developing character and plot.

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For added buzz on opening night, entomologistDr. Michael Wallwill introduce the film and scare you with some real bug horror stories. He will also bring some bugs (Im not saying if they are alive or dead) and give out passes to TheNAT to those who have brushed up on their bug trivia. To get a taste of Dr. Walls knowledge of bugs and sci-fi, check out my interview with him on the newCinema Junkiepodcast.

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Ever since Them! unleashed mutated ants on America in 1954, giant bugs have been a favorite creation of horror and sci-fi. And its been too long since any have terrorized the screen. Oh sure we had the over-the-top ridiculous fun of Big Ass Spider just two years ago but as an entomologist might point out, spiders are not bugs but rather arachnids. So its been awhile since weve had a mutated bug tale on the scale of Stung.

Instead Diez and Aresty quickly set up Jessica Cook and Matt OLeary as our protagonists Julia and Paul. Shes the boss, hes got a crush on her, thats all you need to know. They arrive to cater a party and just as the hosts (Eve Slatnerare, Clifton Collins, Jr.) are delivering the toast, the wasps start to attack. Then the ramp up comes on fast. The wasps attack en masse and pretty much wipe out the guests so that theres just a handful of folks (including Lance Henriksen as a politician up for re-election) holed up in the house and trying to figure out how best to combat the giant wasps.

Above: Seriously, this is the reason you go to a movie about giant bugs, its to see giant bugs as pictured! Stung gives us giant, mutated wasps.

Giant bugs attack humanity in the new sci-fi horror film,Stung(opening Friday at theDigital Gym Cinema) and meet TheNATs curator of entomology at the 9 p.m. screening Friday.

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Stung is light on genuine drama but it keeps you oh-ing, ah-ing and even ew-ing as the wasps sting humans and then emerge from the host bodies as big angry bugs. We are only given the slimmest of explanations some growth hormone was mixed with bug spray and bam! Mutant bugs. But thats fine. A genre film that understands its purpose and pursues it with intensity will deliver a lean, mean product. Diez understands that the strength of his film is the practical creature effects and big bugs, and he gives us a lot of enthusiastic, practical effects work (except for the end) that keeps us engaged in the story.

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