Famous Ladybugs Quotes

Famous Ladybugs Quotes

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We have 19 movie quotes of Ladybugs hollywood movie.

No, hes not a stranger. Hes just strange.

My name is Carmelita Chu. I collect butterflies.

Well, you know how it is – boys want to be girls, girls want to be boys… Some of them are…

I read a book once, 100 Ways to Make Love. I ended up in traction, it was a misprint!

We have a chance. Like a one-legged man in an****kicking contest.

Whats the point in being the best, if it only brings out your worst?

Coach Bull huh? I know your full name!

You dont need a man to help you win! Youre women, you won the right to vote, you can burn your bras! When you get them!

Two-story house. Yeah before you buy it they give you one story, after you move in you get another story.

Get in the car quick! These heels are killing me!

Ive never saw such beautiful landscaping. Looks like all the trees threw up.

What a lady. When she walks in a room, mice jump on chairs. At Christmas they hang her and kiss the mistletoe. I tell ya if she went to a dog show, shed win.

Wow! The only thing quicker than that is when Im having sex!

I dressed her son up like a girl, and invited him to play with me.

Remember when you get a job make sure your boss is taller than you. That way its easier to kiss his ass.


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