Erotic Couplings Stories

She had a nostalgia for a nastier time in her life. by

Fun at the conference continues for Miko and Phil. by

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The evenings erotic pleasures continue in the car… by

Thank you for another great story. I think you did justice AND respect to the Ancient Ones and the Pueblo…

Very enjoyable. really good build up. Loved the voyeuristic aspect to this

Young woman finds emotional healing with father of a friend. by

A mall cop has a steamy encounter with a suspected thief. by

Celibacy is hard, and Moira seduces her willing priest. by

Writer shocked by a stranger acting out her erotic stories. by

I learned how to live and love and what being humane means. by

When one is geographically single… by

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A man finds going in circles is good for the soul. by

Husbands boss gives me what I need… by

Hello. Well written, had a similar encounter years ago brought back horny memories. Life can be good. Thanks…

A summer fantasy with my fiance and her mother. by

A chance meeting leads to the discovery of a secret fetish. by

Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect Ch. 02

Conclusion; vengeance delivered, explanations, twists. by

They all meet Danas college roommate. by

Two people find each other on a cold winter day. by

Justin catches Sarah pleasuring herself and offers to help. by

A quick BJ and shes out – or so she thinks. by

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Ed wants to give the ladies a special gift for Xmas. by

Writer shocked by a stranger acting out her erotic stories. by

Second date sex and karma conversation. by

A dream only becomes reality when you act on it. by

A talented, sexy stranger combines anticipation with desire. by

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Louis shares his part in the Tsunami that struck Japan. by

Welcoming October with help from a big-titted goth chick. by

Rob is the man behind the glory hole. by

Ed faces his biggest challenge yet, being a dad. by

Ben and friends travel south through France. by

Writer shocked by a stranger acting out her erotic stories. by

Ben accepts some truths and deals with some lies. by

Ben faces the trial of his life. by

A tale of love lost and found in the hardest of times. by

Exposure Compensation Factor Ch. 03

We go feet first in the beginning of our sex expedition. by

Greg further asserted his dominance over Jackson. by

Max meets a girl in a hotel elevator. by

Dominant beauty meets passive man. by

Mai decides its time to take matters into her own hands. by

Some law breakers just never learn their lesson. by

A late Valentine can be the best. by

The Shepherd of Ashburn Court Pt. 05

The rescue wraps up with something long overdue & a fight. by

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Overweight girl searches for love. by

Ben deals with the twins, new neighbors, and his past. by

A chance meeting between strangers. by

A tale of light bondage & forbidden tryst. by

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Snowed in with a truck driver I had just met. by

Big fan. Youre easily my favourite author.

Jasmine opens up to Jay after reuniting… by

A late night ride turns into a test of willpower. by


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