e Horacethe Hate Bug

There are some small paint flaws and age issues to the finish that one could repair if desired

The plate was made by the owner to replicate the one on the Herbie in the film…but with Horaces details.

Flash forward to today and Horace is still very alive and in the hands of a Southern California based

as a vendor, and also was allowed on set to photograph the happenings for use in a magazine article for Hot VWs

A whole pile of memorabilia comes with the car including this awesome one off custom telephone

The owner has tried to replicate some of the computer generated special effects items in real life to

The oval panel with the hole was all it had…so the owner re-installed the functional roll up glass

In the glove box has been hidden some additional features such as instrumets to monitor the engine and the rear parking sensors.

but the current owner has been fanatical about trying to keep the car as original as possible.

true film car movie buff that has decided it is time to find Horace a new home to make room for another vehicle.

Here are all of the replaced parts…ANYTHING that the owner removed and replaced including the original engine block

He has fully wired and hooked up an amazing array of effects on the car from lighting, to sound effects and more.

Horace was traded with another collector a few years back for a Herbie used in the most recent film

I actually assisted with the deal by going and getting both Horace cars from the CVS warehouse

screw type rippers that came out of the wheels…all the trick bad-guy-kill-you sort of stuff.

In the classic battle of good versus evil, this is Herbies alter ego…his brother of sorts…the evil twin

and doing some work on the cars to make them operational again and then shipped them to Texas.

Mechanically the car has been fully rebuilt and improved for better performance and handling and reliable use.

Herbie wins (of course) as Horace leaps to his death in a fire filled crash…back to the depths of Hell where he belongs.

One project the owner has been working on is a replica of the ripper that came out of the wheel in the film.

Its fun to see the details of how they did the work…the louvers on the hood are actually a seperate panel that was welded right over the existing hood…

The current owner is an engineer and he does a lot of special effects creation stuff on the side.

e Horacethe Hate Bug


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