Does The New Predator Movie Have A Post-Credits Scene? We Explain The Ending

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In the end, McKenna kills the Super Predator by shooting him in the head repeatedly–even though hes mostly bulletproof throughout the movie–and whats left of the heroes go home victorious. Of course, it doesnt end there.

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Almost immediately, Quinn calls dibs on the tech and makes a joke about whether it comes in his size. Thats the end of the movie, closing on something of a cliffhanger, but not really. Viewers arent shown any kind of further invasion by the Predator species or any immediate danger they could pose. Instead, we get a shot of the suit that Quinn covets. Honestly, we hope his kid ends up wearing it should get a follow-up.

The Predator is in films now, see it if you dare.

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If you werent expecting all kinds of death inThe Predator, youve clearly never seen a movie in this franchise. In the end, practically everyone was viciously murdered by the massiveSuper Predator, including Will Traeger (Sterling K. Brown), along with Nebraska (Trevante Rhodes) and the rest of the self-proclaimed loonies. In fact, the only three left standing were our hero Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), his son Rory (Jacob Tremblay), and the exposition-dispensing biologist Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn).

Its also revealed that said lab is in possession of a pod left behind by the regular Predator–the weapon it was bringing to help save the Earth. What could it be? A Xenomorph? A solution for global warming? Cake? No, its none of those things. Instead, its essentially an Iron Man suit that looks like a Predator. Its dubbed the Predator Killer and is clearly a means of telling the audience that director Shane Black really wants a sequel to this film.

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As it turns out, that Super Predator was on Earth to kill the regular Predator who had come here to give us a weapon to stave off a Predator invasion. That shouldnt matter, since Traeger was convinced well all be dead from global warming in two generations anyway, but here we are. Meanwhile, the Super Predator just wanted to harvest the best human DNA it could find in an effort to integrate it into its own species. Naturally, that DNA could only be found in Rory, seemingly because he figured out how to make Predator technology work.

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Cut to some period of time later and Quinn finds himself back at the top secret lab where the regular Predator was being studied before the chaos began. Now, for some reason, his incredibly young child is working as a government scientist at the lab. His mother, Yvonne Strahovskys underused character Emily, is nowhere in sight. It really gives the impression that this poor kid has terrible parents.

If youre wondering, well go ahead and say it: The Predator does not have a post-credits scene. So once the credits roll, feel free to leave the theater.Of course, you should also stay to see the hundreds of people who helped bring the movie to life. Still, theres plenty to talk about with regards to the end of the film and were going to dig into it. If youve seenThe Predatoror simply dont care about being spoiled, carry on. Otherwise, turn away now.

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Does The New Predator Movie Have A Post-Credits Scene? We Explain The Ending

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