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On the hottest day of the Summer, Chip and Dales plans to cool off in the park birdbath is interrupted by a selfish pigeon.

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Cyd Ripley and Shelby Marcus gain the power to leap forward and backward in time whenever they want — and sometimes when they dont.

Play Wander Over Yonder games & activites. Watch full episodes!

Phineas and Ferb make the most of their summer by creating fun everyday, while their pet platypus moonlights as a secret agent!

A friendly kite competition spins out of control when Chip and Dale try to outdo each other!

K.C. is 16, and just discovered that her parents are spies. If that wasnt enough to deal with, they expect her to be a spy too.

Help K.C. complete her recon missions by searching for possible targets.

Use Stars wand to match creature colors and help Star and Marco zap all the creatures back into the tower dome!

Watch Liv & Maddie videos & play games!

The lake is toxic. The forest creatures are mutants. The counselors are a danger to themselves and others. And the kids? Theyre having the time of their lives!

During the Fall Festival, Chip and Dale help Goofy try to sell his ol Corn Cobs at his snack stand.

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After losing their acorn in the ocean, Chip and Dale join Mickey, Donald, and Goofy on a fishing trip.

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Help Penn zap into Clown World, Super Hero World, and Space World to save the day!

Lifes an adventure, and Riley Matthews is about to begin! This bright-eyed 7th grader and her quick-witted BFF, Maya, navigate the ups and downs of teenage life under the watchful eyes of her parents, Cory and Topanga. With the help of close friends, Farkle and Lucas, these carefree enthusiastic teens learn that anything is possible when you challenge yourself and your friends & family have your back! Come along for ride of their lives as they take on the world, just as Rileys parents once did!

Disney Shows


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