Delicious Distraction

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

called Illusory Feast that creates a feast that seems to have their favourite foods and is real as far as natural senses can tell. Causes foes that arent actively involved in fighting to drop what theyre doing and indulge. Foes that are fighting are slightly dazed.

you can get some vicious dogs away from a door by throwing meat into a cage on the side of the room.

story,Bruce Wayne is being guarded by federal agentsbecause of a threat against his life. Alfred distracts the agents by cooking a delicious (and delicious-smelling) roast beef dinner for them, allowing Bruce to sneak off and become Batman.

has to take the cake for this trope because he operated solely on food-based bribery.

, Glenda uses scrumptious pies to bribe her way past Lord Vetinaris security guards. Subverted in that Vetinarid ordered the guards to accept any bribes regardless of their value or quality; played with in that he scolds his aide for having the pies disposed of, uneaten: he knew Glendas grandmother from her time as a cook at the Assassins Guild, and neither she nor her granddaughter would dream of fouling a recipe with poison.

Bud spends most of the episode trying to get past a hotel doorman to see an old high-school flame, whos now a celebrity, but keeps getting thrown him out. On one attempt, a fat, middle-aged woman from another room sees and grabs him. (What happens off-screen is best left to the imagination.) Later, Bud gets an idea; he gets rid of the doorman by luring him next to the same womans room using a table with a hamburger, making sure that she grabs

when Joeys sister Dina told him she was pregnant, she (at Rachels suggestion) got him a meatball sub to distract him in case he got angry.

In the original novel, they didnt have an excess special effects budget to be showing off, so they just set them on the banisters by the stairs, to exactly the same effect. At least thats only mildly stupid.

: When Bender comes across an angry guard dog he pulls out a huge steak… he then proceeds to knock the dog unconscious with it and eats the steak himself.

series, the stoves and ovens in various towns can be examined forshort, appetizing descriptionsof their contents; every oven is unique. Some of the descriptions also include reaction lines, apparently by theHeroic Mimeplayer character (Isaac in the first game, Felix in the second, Matthew in the third), suggesting they have an interest in food.Which would explain why theyre stopping to check out every oven in all the towns…

s Polar Special (the three presenters attempt to reach the magnetic north pole). After a particularly stressful day, James May distracts Jeremy Clarkson with various gourmet foods and (awesomely) a bottle of Chablis, all of which he has somehow brought along without his friend noticing.

Theres also a comic where Rome is shown daydreaming about food and women while bored during a meeting.

: Faster, son! Hes got a taste for meat now!

Played straight and parodied during The Cats burglary spree. Santas Little Helper growls at the intruder, who quiets him with a string of sausages. In comes a sleepwalking Homer, who also growls at The Cat… who also quiets him with another string of sausages.

episode Lasagna hasMaster Shakedistract Carl (who is under house arrest after a hooker bit his tongue) with the eponymous pasta.

. Several times he lost his concentration, even mid-task, and tried to get his daughter to stop to get food.

The degree of success is one of the hints that they might not be that sentient after all…

distract the guards long enough to let them plant the evidence against Rainbow

series, David tries to distract some sentient alien form of life by throwing them something they consider a delicacy.

, theMaster of Illusionuses food to make the heroes forget about the real world and their goal of defeating him.

, Skif bypasses some guard dogs with a cross between this trope andSlipping a Mickey. He mixes chopped meat with bread crumbs soaked in poppy juice, stuffs the concoction into sausage casings, and tosses them over the wall.

, Axel Foley successfully distracts a pair of cops on a long stakeout by sending over a lavish dinner, and uses the opportunity to sabotage their car so they cant follow him later. He does it again against the two protagonist cops, but this time only uses the distraction to introduce himself.

This was found to be asubversionin the next episode, since the snacks Karasawa threw to the girls were all expired. Bullying continues.

has Harriet sneaking into Agatha Plumbers kitchen to take her Eggo. A Pomeranian runs after her, but Harriet is prepared and hands it a rawhide bone.

Dogs can handle a bit of veg and grain every now and then, but most of their food should be meat-based, or they will suffer serious malnutrition. Cats cant even handle veggies as a plus; they puke up any plant matter they eat and a vegan diet will just straight-up kill them.

As countlessHostess ads in comic bookstaught us back inthe Bronze Age, any supervillain can be distracted by the light flaky crust and delicious fruit filling of Hostess cakes. Really, all super heroes ought to carry a few packs of them.

has this happen to the aunts, when their niece custom bakes them a cheese coated pie. And of course, it had mood elevating drugs baked in.

, whenJerinstoddler sisters are inconsolable about his going away to get married, he distracts(and comforts)them by suggesting they bake a cake and make ice cream.

: I know! [Pulls out string of sausages] These wieners will give me the quick energy I need to escape! [Homer eats them and suddenly speeds up, leaving the dogs in the dust]

with Che, the family dog, hyper-focusing on any meat product in his line of sight and running off to hunt smaller animals on a dime. TheDude, Not Funny!part comes in when you remember that his owners are straw liberals (on top of being generally morons) who only feed him vegan food, and hes trying desperately to nourish himself since his owners refuse to do so.

In The Zeppo Giles gets miffed while preparing forThe End of the World as We Know Itbecause Buffy had eaten all the jelly donuts.

visit Earth just to sample human cuisine.

: A police dog goes into full alert mode …over a ham sandwich in a students locker

In The Return of Harmony, Part 1, Pinkie Pie is inclined to let Discord take over the world and bathe it in chaos because that means its going to rain chocolate.

Subverted in a Treehouse of Horror episode, when Homer is being chased by Ned Flanders guard dogs. (It Makes Sense in Context) He pulls out a large string of sausages:

Canada at one point attaches a note that reads There is food inside to a package in an effort to trick America into opening it. The last panel of the comic shows America desperately trying to restrain himself.

when Gus keeps distracting Shawn with Snickers bars in Ferry Tale.

, this is used againstMiakaby the bad guys (and Taiitsukun) more than once. It works every time, because Miaka literally cannot control herself around food.

Played straight with a brief gag in

episode, I See You, after Hank gets shot, Gus Fring uses a personal delivery of fried chicken to the hospital where Hank is recovering to distract the cops while Mike Ehrmantraut kills the surviving would-be-assassin to keep him from ratting Gus out to the police or to Juan Bolsa.

, his stealth camo will drain his stamina extremely fast. When it gets low, hell shoot down some convenient fruit, gobble it down, and continue the fight. He is very vulnerable during this time, but cant actually be stopped from eating the fruit (hell keep moving no matter what you shoot him with). However, you can throw your

, Dean is distracted by miniature Philly cheesesteaks on the craft table when Sam attempts to discuss the case they are investigating.

, James Bond gets stranded in an alligator infested swamp. He finds a bucket of chicken meat and throws them at the approaching gators, but soon runs out and has to escape them.

Comic BooksIn one issue ofPinky And The Brain, the titular duo need to steal lemons from a private garden as part of their scheme toTake Overthe World. Its guarded byAngry Guard Dogs, but Brain has a bag full of steaks handy. The problem is that there are more dogs than steaks.Pinky:Eeeeek!Its yetanotherslobbery hound!

, you can distract rats by throwing corpses at them. That way, they wont attack you until they finish eating.

Michael distracts an angry dog with a burger.

planning to murder a bunch of students: the lunch lady, whom he catches dumping rat poison into the mulligan stew.

has many of the giants get distracted by prey, usually done for comedic effect, oddly enough.

. To be fair to the dog, he hadnt been given any orders (it was a lockdown drill, not an actual lockdown) so he wasnt in work mode.

Subverted when Homer tries to distract anAngry Guard Dogchasing Bart with a steak. The dog eats the steak in one bite and doesnt slow down at all.

An Eggo Waffle commercial in the mid 90s promoting the film adaptation of

Whats that, kidney? [Chase slaps his hand away.]

Is that… food? Everyone smuggled food down here!? Unbelievable! You guys put our lives in danger because you couldnt go without a snack for a day!? You are all… awful!So hungry… is that…egg custard in that tart?

involves the characters Rasi and Basutei traveling to Ashenvale for apparently nothing but a vending machine. Rasi is annoyed, but Basutei is overjoyed, and launches into his own little commercial when he sees the machine is stocked with Goblin Cakes. He then breaks open the machine and starts stuffing his face until Rasi throws the machine off the tower.

A darker version of this happens on

So goes the old campfire warning – I dont need to outrun the

Saves the day in the first interlude for

with a gold crust that was still crisp yet unburnt,and the filling with small chunks of pineapple still discernible when you chewed,

: The better to tempt visitors to relax and stay, the Enzeen have a habit of providing all visitors with free food, lots of it, all very good. Most visitors immediately trust them, but this is subverted with Tash, whose latent Force-Sensitivity gives her a bad feeling about the whole thing. The food is actually

Circle Tower can be bribed with cookies provided by Sten. Cookies that Sten stole from a fat slovenly child for his own good, of course.

Buddy Valastro gaveCookie Monstera large cookie cake, because he loves him. As a bonus, it kept Cookie away from Buddys main project: a 40th anniversary

Andalite who adopts a human morph. By the end of the series, Andalite

In the episode In Marge we Trust, when she gives people advice as the churchs listen lady, Lenny tells Marge that he told Carl he has a beautiful wife, Marge thens says it doesnt matter what his wife looks like only for Lenny to admit hes not even married. Marge then suggest to make Carls favorite meal, and by the time hes done eating, he wont really care about Lennys issue, to which he thanks her for the advice.

, Goku and Vegeta are fightingevil clonesof Piccolo, Gohan, and Gotenks. Majin Buu, however, comes across a store full ofcakesat that exact moment… turning the clone fighters inside Buu into cake, letting Goku and Vegeta pass.

, the card game of time travel, includes an artifact from the 1939 Berlin Worlds Fair:a delicious slice of German Cake

He is making shrimp in a chili sauce. The shrimp looks so scrumptious… My mouth is watering.

, Sean Connerys character has the hotel room service deliver a full spread of snacks to distract the FBI agents that are supposed to be keeping an eye on him while he enacts his scheme to escape

Do NOT get between Ax and a cinnamon roll.

Metalseadramons henchman Scorpiomon loves clams, so much that it distracts him long enough for Togemon and Ikkakumon to digivolve and finish him off.

, cheese is a ridiculously effective distraction for Monty, even when the one with the cheese is only doing so unwittingly. In Mind Your Cheese and Qs, Rat Capone has Gadgettied to a conveyor belt with a chopping thing somewhere along the way, and distracts Monty from rescuing her by holding up Brie 86, his favorite cheese. He does end up rescuing her, but he really has a struggle.

The FBI pulled a variation of this on a notorious Mafioso. He conducted all his business in a junkyard, which the FBI could never approach to bug because of the vicious guard dogs. Agents came by every night for weeks and fed the dogs over the fence with steaks. Finally, the dogs grew to like the Agents and allowed them onto the property, where the Agents were able to plant a microphone and get the evidence they needed. To make the story truly hilarious, the agents returned to confront the Mobster and get him to turn States Evidence but he laughed them off, claiming there was no way they could have bugged his office. Until the dogs came over and licked the Agents hand. He flipped immediately.

The promo film for Happy Jack byThe Whohas the band as a gang ofBlatant Burglarswho sneak into an apartment and start trying to break into the safe… only to be quickly distracted when their lookout discovers a lovely cake.

This can be used as a softAchilles Heelagainst gluttonous characters (or anyone, provided thebaitdessert is good enough) that can do anything from distract, bribe, or completely sidetrack a given character for up to an hour (or more, if the tempter is a cook with a fully stocked kitchen). In cartoons, this may be enough to stop apredator/enemy in their tracks, in other media, the sleeping dust/amnesia powder sprinkled over the glazing does the trick.

starts ranting at his drug dealer about how hes done smoking pot, and nothing can change his mind, but gets sidetracked shortly after the dealer offers him a brownie. Admittedly, it was a pot brownie, but Jimmy didnt know that before he dropped his argument to eat it.

just fine, simply used to help visitors feel at ease so they can be eaten themselves later with less fuss.

scene), a hobbit-maid is about to kiss her hobbit-lover, who is distracted by a basket of muffins going around and eats it instead. At the exact same moment, Bilbo narrates that a Hobbits only true love is for food.

It took a ton of Reeses Pieces to booby trap James Woods in

Hunger is a very powerful force. A starving person may degrade themselves for a scrap of food; ahedonistwill do so for a teaspoon of cous cous.Mmm… deliciouscous cous.Even a person with a full stomach may have a hard time resisting a marvelously mouthwatering meal or morsel.

, you can buy time from the invisible monster in the water by tossing body parts for it to devour instead. Preferably as far away from where you need to be as possible.

. You can use it during another players turn to distract them and cancel whatever it is they were about to do.

Freakazoiddefeated Candle Jack by distracting him with pie.

Much like characters withAttention Deficit… Ooh, Shiny!, these characters are distracted by something delicious, like a freshly baked, moist,sweet delectable apple pie cooling on a window sill…* drools** cough*

, and hell go for that instead, as it is more convenient.

TheNot Safe for Workweb series-thingy(?)

Ooh, a piece of candy! Ooh, a piece of candy! Ooh, a piece of candy!

In Rarity Investigates the pony responsible for framing Rainbow Dash uses a cake to

, the templar charged with making sure no one visits the

to calm down and stay out of your hair is to give him a plate of Murdocks coconut curry tapenade. Just dont forget the toasties.

, Hermione decides to try knocking outCrabbe and Goyleby leaving sedative-laced muffins floating in mid air in a hallway.It works perfectly.

they see you, allowing you to either kill them in aSneak Attack, or simply run away while theyre distracted. However, the second game, Black Plague, throws this and all weapon mechanics out the window in favor of pure survival and stealth skills.

, Cordelia Chase has just rescued herBound and Gaggedfriends from being executed. She stretches out her arms for aGroup Hug, only for them to rush past her and tuck into the food.

Simba, Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa have to get past Scars hyenas who are very hungry from food shortage in order to sneak back in the Pride Lands, they use Timon and Pumbaa to distract them with Timon dressed as a hula dancer and Pumbaa as a roasted pig on a plate.

All-States Mayhem has one commercial where Mayhem plays a dog guarding a house being robbed. They placate him with a bone, demonstrating how anAngry Guard Dogcan be easily avoided.

Kids, your daddy and his daddy are involved in a

often finds herself distracted by delicious-looking fresh fruit. At one point she managed to make an entire generation of sci-fi fansjealous of a strawberry.

Truth in Television, in relation to predators. Since theyre usually motivated by hunger, leaving an easier meal close by can distract them long enough to allow you to escape. Even a vicious guard dog can be tempted from duty by a nice steak (better hope you can run faster than it can eat, though). Of course a guard dog can be trained

, in regards to distracting anAngry Guard Dogwith meat. However, it was noted that it is possible (though not easy) to train a guard dog to ignore such distractions.

Reflections of Life 4: Call of the Ancestors

when Schultz does not know nothing, he can be bribed with food to know nothing.

Intimately related toFood Porn, which is about distracting the audience with the yummy. Also closely related toMeat O VisionObsessed With FoodandCold Turkeys Are Everywhere, diet edition. SeeDelicious Fruit Piesfor a comic book ad variation.

ASupreme Chefcan easily invoke this trope.

WebcomicsArchipelagosBlitzwhen King Mikel playfully switches his crown for Blitzs hat.Mikel:Youre wearing the crown of Quillotia, my friend. Whats your first decree?

Delicious Distraction, for Auditors that are new to having human bodies or taste buds. At one point, the mere scent of a single piece of high-end chocolate candy sets a mob of them to fighting one another, and the sole survivors body disintegrates from sheer bliss upon eating it.

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

A couple of guys trying to distract the lookout in

successfully distract him by using a Free Sandwiches sign.

Often used by restaurants as a particularly canny form of marketing: theyll make sure the kitchen vents onto the nearby street so that people walking by on their way somewhere else will just happen to catch a whiff of that freshly cooking food…

A drug-sniffer dog is harder to fool, however; they tried hiding (legal, if that makes any sense) contraband in a false bottom of a suitcase filled with food, with the assumption that, if the dog signaled to his handler that the bag was suspicious, the handler would see the food but no contraband and assume a false positive. It didnt work; the handler discovered the false bottom no sweat, and it was noted that a sniffer dog could be trained to disregard food.

This is combined withDistracted by the Sexyin

characters will reminisce rhapsodically about food whenever they arent actually sitting down to a sumptuous feast, but the robin from

series, one can leave a piece of meat on the ground, which might entice a large monster into snacking on it, leaving them open to attacks while they eat and also possibly paralyzing them, poisoning them, or putting them to sleep if you combined it with something beforehand. Exactly how effective it is varies from monster to monster, some of them being cautious and only doing so while no hunters are in sight, while others will go for it even if theyre being attacked.

, the Muppets need to sneak into a gallery to stop some jewel thieves from stealing a large and valuable diamond, but have trouble getting past the guard dogs. The solution was to feed them pizza as they sneak in. It only works for so long before the dogs are back on their trail.

, also uses this mechanic. You can find packets of beef jerky and toss them at the various zombified dogs

, when Carrot and Nautilus give into the temptation of the trains huge breakfast cart while searching for a bomb… that turns out to be underneath it.

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, Link can use this tactic during the stealth infiltration of the Yiga Clan, by dropping theirTrademark Favorite Food(Mighty Bananas) on the ground to lure guards away from their posts.

(Unfortunately, while he manages to talk to his old flame for a few minutes, the guard is very angry when he comes out.)

, Heavy Weapons GuysSandvichproves to be one in-game. Loudly chomping down OM NOM NOM, he cannot react if someone attacks him while eating his Sandvich. Woe betide Heavy if there is an enemy Spy around or a Sniper gets a fix on him.

During the Spider-Verse story line in Marvel comics, a family of vampire-like predators called the Inheritors hunt various iterations of Spider-Man across alternate realities. These realities mirror a number of ways Spider-Man has appeared across different eras and media (comics, three-panel newspaper strips, TV, etc.). The reality based on the Hostess Fruit Pie ads has one of the Inheritors momentarily distracted by the delicious fruit filling, but he is powerful enough to overcome its (otherwise irresistible in that reality) siren song of sweetness.

and Scooby Snacks. Though Shaggy and Scooby are afraid of their own shadow, all it takes is a little bribery with the snacks to get them to agree to do something scaryOnce per Episode.

During the extended version opening of

Eternal chaos comes withchocolate rain,you guys!

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The KGB did the same trick while breaking into an embassy guarded by a large dog. The only problem was the agent feeding the dogkept calling for more steaks.

, you can acquire an item called Rat On A Stick which you can use to distract monsters and avoid fighting them.

May happen just by looking at it, smelling it, and in powerful instances from mereor having it be described… like that time I had thisjust-baked and still warm pineappleempanada

. You can research a variation in the porno magazines; the food magazines, which are used to

In the episode Earshot, while searching for a student that they suspect is about to enact a school shooting at Sunnydale High, Xander is distracted by some Jello while passing through the cafeteria.

The easiest way to get B.A. Baracus in

One issue of her own series hasHarley Quinnparachute into Gotham to bust Ivy out of Arkham, only to land in a pizza place, deciding to stop for a few minutes to chow down. Later she uses the pizza she brings along to distract the guard dogs at the Asylum.

Homer tries to start a serious talk with his kids, but loses his train of thought thanks to Barts candy bar.

, bacteria-themed villainscant resist anything sweet, and can be led into a trap rather easily by mere pastry. Eventhe criminal mastermindStrepfinger is apprehended after Maria lured him out of his office with a pie. (After she knocked him out, she said, You know, for an evil genius, youre pretty dumb.)

There was a campaign of commercials for Nestle Quik in the 1990s where the Quik Rabbit and some kids would use Quik to distract a variety of chocolate-stealing villains, including aMad Scientist, aWicked Witch, and analien cyborgHeres one of them.

The hares are also notoriousbig eaterswot.

,John Adamsis briefly distracted from haranguingBig EaterSamuel Chase for a vote on independence by the contents of his plate.

: This often gets Gas into trouble because of his eating habits due to him beingObsessed With Food.

. Andalites dont have mouths or tongues, so Ax in human morph is positively overwhelmed by the sense of taste.

, the three girls (Distaff Counterpartof the three main boys) discuss why boys areboring to watchandwonder how they even got an anime. Then Yanagi and Ikushima got the idea of asking (read: screaming at) Karasawa, who lives next door to Habaras house (where the girls frequently meet). Then Karasawa throws them sweets, and the two girls stop screaming at him and gorged at the food like theres no tomorrow.


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