Dead Space movie announced trilogy revealed?

DJ Caruso on board to direct live-action version of Electronic Arts survival horror/sci-fi crossover; Variety reports second and third games in the works.

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No release date or actor information has been revealed for theDead Spacefilm, which is just one of five EA game-based movies in development.Mass EffectDantes Inferno, Army of Two, and The Sims are also being brought to the big screen. Also notably, Dead Space was made intoa straight-to-DVD and cable animated feature by Starz Media last year. Finally, the games plot is reminiscent of several films, such as the horror-thrillersAlien(1979) andEvent Horizon(1997).

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Todays article also appeared to reveal the future of the Dead Space game series. According toVariety, EA is working on the second and third installments in the Dead Space series, raising the possibility of a trilogy. It was unclear if the two projects were the already announced Dead Space: Extraction (see below) or the hinted-atDead Space 2. The only Dead Space game that is announced and in development at this time is Dead Space: Extraction, was all an EA rep would say.

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Dead Space, too, has a director on board–D.J. Caruso, who was at the helm of last yearscritically panned action-thrillerEagle Eye. Prior to that dubious project, he directed2007s better reviewed Disturbiaand several episodes of the acclaimed TV seriesThe Shield.

Dead Space movie announced, trilogy revealed?

Electronic Arts Visceral Games made headlines last week for bothlosing two top executivesandshowing off its waresatComic-con 2009in San Diego. Today, the studio formerly known as EA Redwood Shores was in the news again, withVarietyrevealing a live-action film based on Dead Space is in the works.

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The Hollywood trade reported that EA has partnered with Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey, the cofounders and heads of the Temple Hill production company. The outfit is also behind the forthcoming Gears of War movie, which is in development at Legendary Pictures and has director Len Wiseman (UnderworldLive Free or Die Hard) attached. It was also involved with the first film based on the popular teen vampireTwilightnovels and the forthcoming Nicholas Sparks adaptation,Dear John.


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