Dead Space 3 News

Dead Space 3 brings Isaac Clarke and merciless soldier John Carver on a journey across space to discover the source of the Necromorph outbreak. Players can play together or with a friend using the new drop in, drop out co-op functionality, with each mode offering unique story elements and gameplay.

Former Gears of War developer says true horror games will see a resurgence when industry becomes fully digital.

Former 343 Industries project lead designer Scott Warner lands at Dead Space studio working on unannounced game.

First expansion for action-horror game hits Xbox Live, PSN, and Origin next week for $10.

Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

EA wont be putting controversial microtransactions in all of its games, says CFO, after earlier EA report suggested this would be the case.

EAs latest horror shooter the biggest launch of the year so far, as Ni no Kuni drops to sixth.

Patrick Söderlund says, Do I think that we will create a Dead Space game again? Yes, I think so.

Following the closing of Visceral Games, The Lobby crew looks back over the developers portfolio, and muses about the future of the titan publisher.

EAs action horror the top-selling title in US during February, knocking latest Call of Duty to second spot for first time since launch.

Xbox Ones EA Access and PCs Origin Access free Vault games and Play First Trials for the next few months have been revealed.

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EA reveals nearly 2 million gamers across Xbox Live and PlayStation Network tried out upcoming action game.

[UPDATE] An unnamed source says development on the Dead Space series has been shut down; EA says the original report is patently false.

Heres what Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download for Xbox One and Xbox 360 in August.

Publisher says big-budget shooters came in below our forecast despite topping charts during release month.

Renowned horror director says Dead Space is ready made for a film adaptation.

More than 2.1 million bundles sold brought in millions of dollars for charity.

We explore the first four acts of Dead Space 3, and how adding another player does–or doesnt–affect the course of the adventure.

Dead Space 3 hits Aussie shelves this week with its newly introduced cooperative play. Will you face the Necromorphs alone or with a friend?

Electronic Arts confirms Dead Space 4 is not in development, but says that the series will live on.

Developer David Gallant joins Kevin, Tom, Caro, and Chris to get roided up and expose Unitology for the scam it is.

Electronic Arts upcoming action game gives players option to purchase resources with real-world money.

Executive producer spills the beans on DLC and additional modes on the Dead Space 3s blog.

Visceral Games manager says Dead Space is an important IP for EA, says he would like to see the series return on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

NPD data reveals first-month sales for Viscerals action shooter; Crysis 3 hits 260,000 after launching late in the month.

You can grab Forza Horizon 2 and Dead Space 3 right now, gratis, as long as youre a Gold subscriber.

Origin is holding a big sale on its digital PC games, dropping the price of some by as much as 50%.

Original Dead Space writer Antony Johnston says latest entry taking more of an action approach required to broaden the fan base.

The PC version of Dead Space 3 will see improvements over the console versions, but Visceral Games isnt trying to create disparity between platforms.


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