Dark Phoenixs Origin In Next X-Men Movie Revealed At NYCC

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The team goes to work, each with their own objective. Cyclops blasts the ship to stop it from spinning, Storm uses her powers to create ice to patch up holes in the ship, and Nightcrawler takes Quicksilver and Jean into the ship, where Jean uses her powers to try and hold it together. Nightcrawler and Quicksilver save everyone but they couldnt get back to Jean, who is being hit with the space fire.

During the footage, the X-Men are on a mission to go into space in the Blackbird to save some stranded astronauts in a faulty space shuttle. Mystique leads a team consisting of Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, Beast, and Quicksilver, and very quickly, the team realizes it is a race against the clock as what looks like either a cosmic cloud or slow-moving solar flare is headed to the shuttle, and it will burn up everyone inside.

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Meanwhile, another branch of this flare is headed towards the Blackbird, and Jean uses her powers to pull it towards herself. Shes engulfed in this cosmic fire, and it seemingly kills her. After the unidentified cosmic force dissipates, Nightcrawler brings her back to the ship, and eventually, she wakes up, but there is an orange glow in her eyes. Something has changed inside her, but at this time, the viewer isnt sure just what.

Make sure to check out our impressions of the footage Fox showed during New York Comic-Con forDark Phoenix.

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Obviously, its going to take a bit more than that for Jean to completely transform into the Dark Phoenix, but this scene was the start of it all. As we gathered from thesecond trailer, Jean goes on a search to fix whatever has happened to her, after Professor X and Beast cant figure it out. This will eventually lead her to Genosha, where she finds Magneto. From there, were not entirely sure where the film leads, but you can find out for yourself whenDark Phoenixcomes to theaters on June 7, 2019.

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New York Comic-Con gives attendees an early look at a lot of upcoming TV series and movies way before they are released. At a Fox Showcase at an AMC theater, Fox gave fans an early look at the 2019 movieDark Phoenix, which is the the newest installment of the X-Men franchise. In the 14 minutes of footage shown, the audience got to see the moment that changed Jean Grey from an everyday member of the X-Men to what will eventually becomeDark Phoenix.

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Dark Phoenixs Origin In Next X-Men Movie Revealed At NYCC


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