Dance Or Die A DDR Movie With Incredibly High Stakes Is Happening

Konami, which owns the DDR IP, is working with film company Stampede on the film.

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Dance Or Die: A DDR Movie With Incredibly High Stakes Is Happening

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There are no further details at this stage about the DDR movie, so we dont know when itll enter production or any of the talent behind it. It seems like very early days for the project.

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In other news about movies you never thought would happen, the Tetris film has an$80 million budget and plans to be the first in a trilogy of movies.

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According to its official description, the DDR movie has incredibly high takes. The project will explore a world on the brink of destruction where the only hope is to unite through the universal language of dance,according to Variety.

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Hollywood will try to turn anything that is popular into a movie, and the latest evidence of this is todays announcement that a film based onDance Dance Revolutionis in development.

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DDR, which utilises a physical dance pad, launched in Japanese arcades in the late 90s before coming to North America in the early 2000s. The game was a massive success, and Konami would go on to partner with companies like Nintendo on versions of the game, includingDDR: Mario Mix.

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