Comic-Con 2018 Venom — Everything We Know About The Spider-Man Spin-Off Movie

There are several writers credited with penning the screenplay, including Kelly Marcel, Will Beall, Scott Rosenberg, and Jeff Pinker.

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Everything we know about Venom so far.

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We get a good look at Venom, and in the trailer and he is pretty freaky looking, with an incredibly long tongue and multiple rows of teeth. His amorphous black musculature is probably the coolest part though; it erupts from Tom Hardy when he needs to fight some guys off, re-attach himself to a motorcycle in mid-air. You know, normal stuff.

will play Ann Weying, an employee for Drake and Brocks love interest.

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TheVenomstandalone movie will follow provocative journalist Eddie Brock as he gets as hes infected by the Venom symbiote. The degree of power that it has over its human host is in a state of constant flux, so theres always some question as to who is in the drivers seat. It looks like this symbiote has some plans beyond kickin it inside Eddie though.

Jenny Slate, the comedian who voices

Woody Harrelson will reportedlyfeature in the film, but we dont know how.

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Afull length trailerhas been released forVenomthat opens with a look into Eddie Brocks day-to-day life. Hes a reporter who has made a living by asking powerful people questions that they dont want to answer; this is how he meets Carlton Drake. While trying to learn more about Drakes nefarious activities, he encounters a human who has a symbiote inside them and unwittingly transfers it to Brock. When Brock starts hearing voices in his head and watches his limbs turn into black, dextrous matter, hes pretty sure something is up.

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Venom attaches itself to Brock when he investigates a shady corporation called the Life Foundation which is rumored to be taking volunteers and testing something on them that inevitably ends in their death. Conflict ensues as Brock is unsure how much control he has over Venom.

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Sony will have aHall H presentationat San Diego Comic-Con that, in all likelihood, will includeVenom. We are unsure who will attend, but we hope the cast and crew will be there.

, will play Dora Skirth, a young scientist who helps Brock figure out whats going on with the symbiotes.

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Venomis kind of like Spider-Mans evil twin. The character is a symbiote, an alien lifeform that attaches itself to a sentient host. He gives the host many abilities, some of which are similar to Spider-Mans except, instead of shooting elastic webs, the hosts body essentially becomes them at will. The two together become a formidable force.

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A really big question that still needs answering aboutVenomin general, is whether he will crossover with Spider-Man or any other MCU characters. The answer isprobably nofor this movie.The issueis that while Disney owns the film rights to all the Avenger characters, Sony owns the film rights to the Spider-Man characters (including Venom), and only loaned them to Disney so that they could make a Spider-Man franchise that would be a part of the Avengers. For now, it looks like Sony is creating their own MCU which means a crossover is unlikely.

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Venom will be directed by Ruben Fleischer who also directed

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, plays Carlton Drake, the corporate hotshot who has some morally questionable ideas about what the symbiotes mean for humanity.

Comic-Con 2018: Venom — Everything We Know About The Spider-Man Spin-Off Movie

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With some versions of the character, Venom is an anti-hero, while in other interpretations, hes a straight-up villain. Whats unique about this movie is that its aVenomstandalone film which means the focus will not be on Venom vs. Spider-Man; its all about Venom and his host. We are expecting to get a pretty good look into Venoms abilities and the power dynamic between symbiote and host. Below, weve rounded up all of the information we know about the upcoming movie from Sony (its outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and what were hoping to see from its showing atSan Diego Comic-Con. [SDCC update:somefootage ofVenomhas been released at Comic-Con]

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Eddie Brock and Venom will be played by hollywoods favorite Australian bad boy, Tom Hardy who has featured in titles like

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Luckily, we wont have to wait too long after San Diego Comic-Con to see the movie.Venomhits theaters October 5.

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Riz Ahmed who you may know from HBOs

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One of the biggest remaining mysteries about the movie is how Woody Harrelson will feature in the plot. Hopefully someone on the panel, preferably Harrelson himself, will officially confirm the casting and offer some insight into his character.


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