Comic-Con 2018 Bumblebee — Everything We Know So Far

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Hailee Steinfeld will star as Charlie Watson, a somewhat lost young mechanic who finds Bumblebee.

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WithBumblebeeset to show up atSan Diego Comic-Con, which begins onThursday, July 19, lets review all of the information we have about the upcoming movie. Well also take a look at what were hoping to see from the film at SDCC.

One of the big questions right now is whether any other autobots will be in the movie. We know thatOptimus Prime will be in it, but we want to know if any of the other autobots will be showing up. Also, how will John Cena fit into all this? Who is Jorge Lendeborg Jr. playing? Is there a conflict beyond Bumblebee evading two decepticon trackers?

Paramount will definitely have a Hall H panel and presentation atComic-Conthat will featureBumblebee. Director Travis Knight, Hailee Steinfeld, andreportedly, John Cena and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. will be at the panel, and we have questions for them.

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Everything we know about Bumblebee.

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We would love it if they debuted a full length trailer at Comic-Con to answer some of these questions, but we would settle for some more plot details in general.Bumblebeeis set to be released December 21, 2018.

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Transformers, robotic alien lifeforms with the ability to transform into cars and other vehicles, have carved out a significant place for themselves in pop culture with comics, TV shows, film adaptations and more. Now, Paramount is producing aTransformersmovie that explains the origins of one of the most popular autobots, Bumblebee.

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Comic-Con 2018: Bumblebee — Everything We Know So Far

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Peter Cullen will play Optimus Prime.

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Jorge Lendeborg Jr will play the male lead.

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So far, there has a been ateaser trailerreleased, but not a full length trailer. The teaser gives a clip of the scene when Charlie discovers Bumblebee. Instead of being a fearsome combat robot, he shows Charlie hes safe to be around by being kind of cuddly.

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Other than that, there havent been many plot details released, so we will have a lot of questions for Comic-Con.

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Bumblebeewill follow the origins of the famous titular autobot. Bumblebee finds himself in a California beach town in the 1980s being hunted by evil Decepticons. He meets his first bestie, Charlie Watson, when she decides to fix up a yellow Volkswagen bug that she finds, unaware of what shes really taking on.

Entertainment Weeklyalso released photo with two scary looking decepticons and explained that they are trackers and will feature as the main villains in the film.


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