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The incidence of bed bugs in the United States is increasing

As part of your commercial inspection service, CBBK9 will help train your staff so they have the proper tools to recognize the problem before it gets out of hand.Colorado Bed Bug K9, LLC

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We offer bothresidential & commercial inspections.CBBK9 inspects everything from homes, apartments, and condos to assisted living facilities, movie theaters, hotels, and much more.PREVENTION

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to the point where vigilance by all is a prudent practice.

fromBed Bugsby Michael F. Potter, Professor of Entomology, University of KY

Our new life has brought this page of my life to an end. I cant express how wonderful this experience has been. After almost 10 years this has never felt like a job. It was something I loved doing. For that reason, Im very thankful. Its a rare thing indeed to love what you do and I recognize that. Thank you to every one of my clients that helped make this such an exceptional time in my life. Farewell and thank you from Walter and Macaroni.

K9 Handler & Chief Executive Pooper Scooper

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