Casting Call

I can do this! I can do this! [Shys away, hiding behind her gift] Oh! Who am i kidding? I cant do this!

[Nervously giggles] Hey! W-Well, i wanted to, erm..give you this thing! Well, its not just a thing! Cause..erm.. Gift! Birthday! I-I mean, birthday gift!

Can I audition more than once for a character?

Why do I need a valid email address?

You need to belogged into audition. If you do not have an account, pleaseclick here to register.

You could have said that 500ft ago!

If you audition for a project and are cast in a role, you will notified by email.

We have to find out were all the adults are going! [Her transformation shout] Ladybug, spots on!

Report Member/Abuse To An Admin

Happy birthday-!! Ahh! *falls over her chair then quickly jumps back up to sit back on the chair* Happy birthday! [Giggles excitedly and sighs like shes inlove] Happy birthday, Adrien.. [Makes kissy faces towards her computer screen]

While a project owner is welcome to have as many active projects running as they wish outside BTVA, the limit is imposed because having too many active projects can be somewhat unrealistic. We want those who are auditioning to feel that each project is getting the attention and quality it deserves given auditioners themselves are putting in their own time and effort. Once a project owner flags a project as Completed, they are welcome to create a new project.

As Cat Noir, being cocky, funny and outgoing.

[ number of characters available for audition ]

[Groans] Dont let her push you! Get back out there! Like, now!

Why is there a limit to 4 active projects per member?

How do I flag a character as being Cast?

[Worried] There you are! Where have you been? I was worried sick..

You need to belogged into audition. If you do not have an account, pleaseclick here to register.

As a project owner you will see a Edit Character/Manage Auditions link for each character. Clicking it will allow you to Cast, Backup or Pass an audition. Casting a character will prevent new auditions from being submitted for that character.

This is an unofficial site. All logos, images, video and audio clips pertaining to actors, characters and related indicia belong to their respective © and owners.

Girl, no. Youve been shaking this off all morning! Its time to grow a pair and get out there!

[Confident] Im sure Ladybug and Cat Noir will to save us all.

I didnt realize the heater was so loud when I recorded! If you need me to send you new audio then I will.

Ive been loving this series so I had to make it one of my next fandubing projects! All i ask for is comitment, a clear mic and enthusiasm.~

You need to belogged into audition. If you do not have an account, pleaseclick here to register.

[ Yes means the public is welcome to listen to auditions submitted to this project ]

What sites do you normally use for projects/auditions?

You know what? Youre right. This is the only time when I can do what I want for once!

The system is built to allow ONE audition per character. This is to avoid having a number of auditions from the same member and making the project owner have to listen to all of them. For now, if you or the project owner wishes you to submit another audition, the project owner will need to Delete your audition. The project owner can do this in the Edit Character/Manage Auditions link.

Casting Call


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