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As Agnes, a lonely waitress living in fear of her abusive ex-husband, Ashley Judd delivers an uncharacteristically emotive performance in this adaptation of Tracey Letts off-Broadway play.

7 Nov 2007 09:00Last updated:9 Dec 2015 10:50

The bulk of the action taking place in a grimy motel room, where Agnes deals with Harry Connick Jrs punch-happy former spouse and the repercussions of letting Michael Shannons troubled drifter into her life, giving an undeniably stagey feel which lends itself well to the claustrophobic proceedings. While the dialogue often raises the odd unintentional snigger, such shortcomings are alleviated by strong central performances and the directors long experience, making him expert in wringing palpable tension from the premise.

The cinematic equivalent of itching powder, director William Friedkins unsettling film nicks more than a pinch of The Exorcists ungodly ability to get under the skin.

The dialogue raises the odd snigger and the final act is perhaps a little too barmy, but a committed cast and an experienced director make this a tense and effectively claustrophobic experience.


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