Bug Bailey

Bug Bailey

Pruneface andInfluencethen kidnapped Bug and took him to the warehouse. They prepared to give him a cement bath in the same manner in whichLips Manlishad been killed. Tracy arrived and freed Bug, using his coat on a hook as a diversion. They both survived the shootout that ensued, though Pruneface did not.

Following a search ofBig Boysclub, Bug and his listening device were planted in Big Boys attic above the conference room at theClub Ritz. Bug maintained audio surveillance and reported Big Boys activities to Tracy and the PD. With this information,Dick Tracywas able to thwart Big Boys criminal activities. Most of his men were arrested and Big Boys empire was crumbling.

Bug was also a character in the comic book prequel to the film released by the Walt Disney Company. He was shown giving Tracy the original model 2-Way Wrist Radio. He also took an active role in police work, joiningSam CatchemPat Patton, and FBI AgentJim Trailerin the raid on theMolesunderground hideout.

Actor Michael J. Pollard had previously co-starred withWarren Beattyin the film

about the real-life criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

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Bug Bailey was the tech expert of the Police Department and (according to the prequel comic) was the creator of the2-Way Wrist Radio(rather thanDiet Smith).

A short time later, Big Boy was ranting toPrunefaceabout Tracy being able to anticipate their every move. After being startled by a cockroach, Bug accidentally spilled his coffee and it leaked onto the the conference table, revealing to the criminals that they were being listened to. Big Boy made a fake phone call telling one of his men to go to the Southside warehouse for a big payoff. Bug reported this to Tracy, unaware that he was being used as bait.

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feature film. The character wore glasses, had a bulbous nose and over-sized ears.

Bug Bailey was an original character created for the 1990

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