Bug (2006) – MUBI

Bug (2006) - MUBI

Tracy Letts did a great job in transforming his 1996 play into a script. Friedkin in turn adds an uncomfortable subtext by showing flashlike splinters of another reality (or other realities) at specific points (not only at the beginning or during and after the closing credits). The performances of Ashley Judd (especially the variety of facial expressions) and Michael Shannon are stunning and sometimes really creepy.

An unhinged war veteran holes up with a lonely woman in a spooky Oklahoma motel room. The line between reality and delusion is blurred as they discover a bug infestation.

Scratch my back, Ill scratch yours! == Tennessee WILLIAMS in the Twilight Zone. BILDERBERG group, a bunch of lesbians, many clichs. SHANNON zero charisma. JUDD 100% mad. For lovers of conspiracies. === Tenessee WILLIAMS dans la 4me dimension. Le groupe BILDERBERG, une lesbienne paume, bcp de clichs. SHANNON zro charisme. JUDD 100% barge. Pour amateurs de complots. === After Tracy LETTSs theater play. 2,5/5.

Extremely disturbing. Micheal Shannon should have been nominated for an Oscar. The same applies for Ashley Judd. Extraordinary.

What looked like a crappy horror movie turned out to be a great showcase for stunning performances (namely from Michael Shannon) and absolute madness. I was absolutely floored by the escalation, the ending and the post credits easter eggs. You can see this was a play, but the final act is beautifully and disturbingly cinematic. I really wish I didnt wait so long to see this.

A stark and intense look at isolation and paranoia presented in one of the most remarkable films Ive ever seen. Michael Shannon and Ashley Judd are sublime in their roles, and the result is a destructive masterpiece made by a master in William Friedkin. One of my favourites.

Folie deux has never been this brain-rattling. Recommended like hell.

Wow! Now this is insane! Actors are incredible. Plot is crazy. A good unusual film.

Its easy to look past the too-quick-and-convenient aspect of the mutual descent into madness when youre wrapped up in the lunacy of the lead performances. Masterful direction of a dialogue-heavy script that manages to slip some pitch-black humour into an otherwise tense and pulsating story about both mental illness as well as desperation and loneliness. Beautifully effective small-scale filmmaking.


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