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Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 byChris Evangelista

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Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 byHoai-Tran Bui

Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 byChris Evangelista

Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 byChris Evangelista

Superhero Bits: Infinity War Could Reach $2 Billion, The Hunt is On for a New Gambit Director More

If you want to look ahead to the next episode ofWestworld, a new trailer offers up some mysterious hints at whats to come. Plus: learn a bit more about Park 6, AKA The Raj.

Westworld Review: Virtu e Fortuna Starts a War

Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 byEthan Anderton

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Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 byChris Evangelista

CouldAvengers: Infinity Waractually pass the $2 billion milestone? CouldJordan Vogt-Robertsend up directing theGambitmovie? How much isPatty Jenkinsgetting paid to directWonder Woman 2? Did you see the matching tattoo that most of the originalAvengersgot? How is progress on theGuardians of the Galaxyroller coaster coming? All that and more in this edition ofSuperhero Bits.Read More

On the May 8, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writerBen Pearsonis joined by managing editorJacob Halland writersHoai Tran BuiandChris Evangelistato talk about the latest film and TV news, including a possibleComcast/Foxdeal,Bill & Ted 3,Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, LaikasMissing Link,Sherlock Holmes 3, andA Quiet Place 2.

The Tremors Franchise is Now Six Films Deep, So of Course We Watched Them All

Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 byDavid Chen

TheStephen Kingadaptation news cant stop, wont stop.SplicedirectorVincenzo Natalihas been trying to adapt the Stephen King/Joe Hillshort storyIn The Tall Grassinto a film since 2015. Now comes word that theIn The Tall Grassmovie is finally moving forward, at Netflix.

Now aDeadpool 2music video featurette takes us behind the scenes of the making of this music video.Ryan Reynoldsgets plenty of screentime talking about the production, and he even gets a moment to talk to Celine Dion. Surprsingly, the diva has some questions about the legitimacy of the Merc with a Mouths chest.Read More

Jordan Peelejust took to social media to announce his next horror movie:Us, billed as a new nightmare. And thats not all:Lupita Nyongo,Elisabeth MossandWinston Dukeare in talks to star.

These days, a fan theory cant even get a few weeks in the cycle without being debunked immediately by the directors who may have started it in the first place. Or rather, clarified.Joe and Anthony Russoare clarifying their comments on the final scene in their filmAvengers: Infinity War, and in the process, may have just debunked the popular Infinity War Soul Stone theory and the stones role inAvengers 4. Oh well, at least we got to dream.

David, Devindra, and Jeff discuss Jason Reitman and Diablo Codys newest collaboration about adulthood,Tully.

Donald Glover Sings, Stalks, Plays Lando Defends Jurassic World on a Stellar Saturday Night Live

Robert Downey Jr.only appeared inSpider-Man: Homecomingfor 8 minutes, but those 8 minutes were enough to net him a $10 million payday. If that seems like a lot to you, just wait till you learn how much moneyDwayne The Rock Johnsonis making for an upcoming film calledRed Notice. Get the details on some Hollywood salaries below.

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Last week brought the debut of aDeadpool 2music video that was not what we expected at all. Celine Dionstarred in the music videobelting out a new single called Ashes that will undoubtedly be the breakout song from theDeadpool 2soundtrack (thoughthe R-rated scoremight give it a run for its money). And of course, the music video featured the Merc with a Mouth being classier than ever, dancing around Celine Dion beautifully and gracefully.

Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 byEthan Anderton

AfterA Quiet Placebecame a surprise critical and financial hit,John Krasinskiis in high demand. Hes lining-up more projects, like aQuiet Placesequel, for instance. Below, you can learn some new info on theQuiet Placesequel. Plus: Krasinski is reviving a previously-dead project with writerAaron Sorkin.

Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 byChris Evangelista

Grading How Avengers: Infinity War Handles the Guardians of the Galaxy

The Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel Faces a Unique Challenge

Now Scream This: The Best Spring Break Horror Movies Streaming Right Now

Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 byBen Pearson

Major spoilersforAvengers: Infinity Warfollow.

The Partys Just Beginning Review: Karen Gillan Makes a Dark, Dazzling Directorial Debut [Tribeca]

The Terror Review: Terror Camp Clear is an Unbearably Tense Episode


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