Best PC Flight Games

Flyboys Squadron is an WWI flight-based MMO game based on the MGM movie of the same name.

For someone whos never played a computer game, Fighter Pilot might be fun for a little while.

Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII is a flight-combat simulation game in which you pilot military aircraft across the Pacific theater during World War II.

Not-so-exciting gameplay, not-so-absorbing missions, and not-so-hot graphics…

Dark Horizon is a space combat simulation featuring 22 missions, full ship customization, and several modes of combat.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover takes place in 1940 during the pivotal aerial battle for the skies over Britain between the British, the German and the Italian air forces.

As one of four dukes of Karanthia, the games fictional setting, you must crush your opponents in order to become the supreme emperor.

Its really just a shoot-em-up game that gives you targets to shoot at but restricts your movement.

Luftwaffe had the makings of an interesting, offbeat sim. Indeed, with some serious patching and a complete reissue, it could still become one.

Whirlwind Over Vietnam is a helicopter combat sim set during the Vietnam War.

Top Gun may be of interest to diehard fans of the movie, or as a training simulation for those intimidated by EF-2000. Everyone else is advised to turn and burn.

Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk is a futuristic jet combat game with three unique aircraft, 16 missions, and 32 challenges.

Its unfortunate that there are so many failings in Sabre Ace, since the overall package, subject matter, and mission structure are all good.

Its something to goof around with when you have 10 minutes to kill, but if you want any more than that, you should look elsewhere.

It falls in line with the great box, nice FMV, mediocre game model.

Top Gun: Hornets Nest has little to recommend it, other than some original (if wacky) mission scenarios.

F/A-18 Precision Strike Fighter is a good flight sim for its time. The problem is that its time is four years past.

Play as a pilot, a flight attendant, and a passenger in one of the worst games ever made.

In a genre thats already given us Hind, Longbow, and the Comanche series,AHx-1 simply doesnt measure up.

Dogfight in the skies above Europe as you follow the stories of three Allied pilots during WWII.

Fair Strike isnt all bad, but it buckles under the weight of many problems.


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