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The other great thing about this year, as is the case with most 70s years, is that there are so many great films below the top ten that are just great, most of which are true hidden gems that are largely forgotten nowadays.

But also, this top ten list isgreat. Theres one movie that absolutely no one has ever heard of that I hold dear for a variety of reasons that will translate to almost no one else, but everything else is just amazing stuff.

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Also take a look out for one of my absolute favorite comedies of all time.Read the rest of this page

The big movies take a bit of the air out of the room this year, and you also start to see a bit of the changing of the guard anyway. The auteur works that defined 1971 to 1976 are all starting to look a little stale. They arent working as well as they used to, and you start to see a couple of big failures start to happen, which is what will ultimately (after 1980) push Hollywood away from that system and a more studio-driven format.

1976 is a year that a lot of people gravitate to because its got some of the most memorable films of the 70s in it. The Best Picture list of this year includes All the Presidents Men, Network, Rocky and Taxi Driver. That alone means its gonna have a lot of eyeballs on it. And then theres some other really iconic films from this year too. You could pinpoint a lot of really pivotal moments for film that all happened in this year. John Waynes last film, the last great western before the genre died out, and, oh yeah those four films previously mentioned.

Pic of the Day: If we dont know what we are doing, the enemy certainly cant anticipate our future actions. (75thAnniversary)

I will admit, its somewhat top heavy a year, as the lower films arentasstrong as the ones in some other years. But still, when you have a top ten as strong as this one, you dont need much else.Read the rest of this page

Pic of the Day: I feel a little bit like Columbus set down in a strange new land full of new wonders new discoveries. Its a challenge, all right a challenge to my training. Sometimes challenges can get mighty big. But Im gonna stay alive, believeme.

The Avengers writers, picking which superheroes to kill:

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Last Vegas (2013, Dir: Jon Turteltaub)

If 1973 isnt the strongest year of the decade, then 1975 for sure is. This top ten list, though. Holy shit. When the weakest one in the bunch is something that you disagree with because its not your cup of tea, thats a strong year. You cant argue with the cultural impact or strength of any of these films. Kubrick, Lumet, Spielberg, Gilliam, Altman, Forman, Pollack, Russell. Thats just 8 of the top 10. Thats nuts.

Pic of the Day: What do you do? Im a well-to-do, retired millionaire. How bout you? Same. (75thAnniversary)

Still, theres some cool stuff here.Read the rest of this page

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Me: I need to be smart with my paycheck and not waste money on unnecessary things. Also me: This was necessary.

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Im really funny on the Twitter:

And I will repeat what Ive said in other years from this decade theres a lot of cool stuff below the line. Some really cool movies you might not know at first glance that youll really enjoy if you give them a shot.Read the rest of this page

What I love most about 1974 is that the top ten (and the top tenmostpeople would have for this year, which is even more impressive) has two films on it fromtwodifferent directors! 40% of the top ten list is two directors. Well, if were getting specific thats four of my topfivefor this year. Which is nuts.

It was difficult for observers to tell whether ODBs wildly erratic behavior was the result of serious drug problems or genuine mental instability. — My goal in life is to one day have this said about me.

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1977 changed moviemaking forever. This is when the blockbuster began. Technically Jaws is the grandfather, but this is the year the floodgates broke open, and the one that changed cinema forever. Ironically, this is the year that ended whatever future the auteur era of the 70s had. After this, the studios all got bought by conglomerates, and we moved toward where we are today, a cinema built on franchises and tentpoles. There are still some twists and turns along the way, but thats what this year ultimately led to.


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