Ashley Judds Bug Has New Trailer

, Ashley Judds latest film. Last September,Jette reviewed itfrom Fantastic Fest. To recap — its a juicy piece of suspense, even if some parts fell flat and others evoked laughter without meaning to. Then in November,Lionsgate pushed back the release dateto some time in 2007. The date has now been set — May 25 — and weve got a new, full-length trailer to see what all the buggy fuss is about.

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,William Friedkin, Id expect a trailer that pushes the buttons of anxiety and creepiness. Not one that keeps making me giggle. If you turn off the sound, it looks all sorts of creepy. However, if youre ready for a laugh, crank that sucker up and delight in the blood and brains.

Ashley Judds Bug Has New Trailer

? Watching the trailer, all I can think of is that bit from

HavingHarry Connick a creepy thriller is intriguing.Ashley Judd, well, it isnt surprising, but isnt bad either. Then to havePetiein a headlining role — thats just tasty! Or, so Id think. This is where I get confused. Check thetrailerout. How much can we expect from a thriller when we have one of those Larger. Than. Life. Disembodied. Voices. saying They live in your

Ah, there is nothing in the world like a nice, close-up poster of a naked, hairy mans chest sliced up a little bit with embossed lettering. That alone is enough to make me curious about

where they get the voice-over guy, George DelHoyo, involved. Coming from the director of


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