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Anyone know the band im talking about?

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Does anyone know the rock music thta is featured in the applebees commercial? It sounds like guitar with techno. What is the name of the rock music and the band?

The song is called Boom Boom by Big Head Todd And The Monsters. I belive the song is also in The Longest Yard…

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Sorry for posting twice, something stuffed up with my internet…. ­čść

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but in the commercials they have it with more guitar and it sounds more like Rock than blues. The guy whos singing seems to have a raspier voice also.

Please help, really good track and…

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By riotgirl_57 in forum TV Commercial Music

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By ladybug in forum TV Commercial Music

The bands called Big Head Todd And The Monsters

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hey, theres this song thats been played on commercials for like Applebees and such in the past. I know the name of the song and who its orignally by.

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