An Office Space Video Game Is Out Now 18 Years After The Movie Came Out

Idle Profits features characters from the game such as Michael Bolton, Bill Lumbergh, Samir, Peter, and Milton (with this red stapler, of course). You play as a lowly Initech corporate drone who is about to lose their job to a recent college grad. Just like in the movie, youll work with your fellow disgruntled employees to install a virus on the companys mainframe to steal money.

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Ultrabit is a subsidiary of GameStops mobile game unit, Kongregate. The studio worked on Pocket Politics and Raid Brigade.

And dont worry, Idle Profits will indeed pay homage toOffice Spaces famous printer-destroying scene. As you can see in the image below, Peter, Michael, and Samir deal out their own brand of justice on the device in the middle of a field, just like it happened in the movie.

An Office Space Video Game Is Out Now, 18 Years After The Movie Came Out

Everyone, at least once, has felt underappreciated at their job, developer Ultrabit GM Cooper Bachman said in astatement. When we started working on Office Space, everyone on the development team knew we were onto something special. Even 18 years later, the films themes are still relatable to all ages. And when we paired the films story and hilarious cast of characters with idle mechanics, it fit incredibly well.

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A new game called Office Space: Idle Profits has arrived.

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As the money piles up, players will unlock new departments of Initech and new characters.

18 years after the release of the the workplace comedyOffice Space, a video game based on the Mike Judge film has arrived. Called Office Space: Idle Profits, the free-to-play game is out now foriOSandAndroid.


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