American Pie Presents Book of Love

American Pie Presents Book of Love

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American Pie Presents: Book of Love

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Book of Love is better than some of the made for dvd movies. It of course has tons of nudity and teens caught in embarrassing moments. But what makes it better than movies like Band Camp and Naked Mile is that it at least doesnt have the ridiculously overdone sperm shooting scenes.

Wow Its been ten years already…can you believe it? LOL! I am still going to stay with the original formula with this one…Sequels are not exceeding the previous success at all! There was only ONE scene that was hilarious and the Steiffmaiester still rules! LOL! The original cast would have sealed the deal in this one. Try and get this one as a freebie from someone somewhere…LOL!

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American Pie Presents: Book of Love

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This is the worst series ofAmerican Pie. Stifler (played by John Patrick Jordan) is a complete waste in this movie, actors are not gorgeous or at least beautiful or at least pleasing, this version has severed the fame ofAmerican Piebrand and a huge disappointment to plenty of teen comedy lovers.

Three East Great Falls High virgins stumble across the mythical Book of Love, and vow to use the wisdom contained therein to bed the hottest girls in school. Unfortunately the book is in a bad state of disrepair, and in order to reconstruct it the three pals will need to seek the advice of Jims Dad (Eugene Levy), one of the original authors of the treasured tome.

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American Pie Presents: Book of Love

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…a typically low-rent and flat-out needless straight-to-video endeavor…

American Pie Presents: Book of Love

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I dont see movies with certain covers. like where a bunch of people are standing around looking excited about something, but we dont know why. and girls have their arms around guys in a way that they would only do if they knew they were on a movie poster. And anytime you have to explain that theres a hilarious journey in the synopsis, its not funny. Other than that though i was pretty psyched about American Pie 7. EDIT: I realized that i dont actually know if this is American Pie 7 or 8 due to the fact that they dont wait very long to film a new hilarious journey of some 3 stupid kids who like to fuck fruit and dogs and pies plus one of Stiflers many annoying cousins who somehow all get chicks and whether this is 7 or 8, it didn t seem to matter cause i saw it anyway and i realize how much i took Sean William Scott for granted. wow. he probably should have won like a best supporting actor oscar, am i right?


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