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Was not a very flattering role for Ahsley Judd

Overall this is an excellent movie but I feel it could have been handled with a little more finesse; not necessarily less dramatic because it couldnt possibly be otherwise, but not being a film director, I just cant put my finger on it.

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The acting and character development in this movie is outstanding. Ashley Judd gives the performance of her lifetime as Agnes, an emotionally battered waitress who is hanging on by a thread. She has a trainwreck of a past, from her abusive ex-husband to her missing child.

Ashley Judd and Lynn Collins are superb, as is Michael Shannon.

Kimberly C. AndersonMichael BurnsGary HuckabayMalcolm PetalAndreas SchmidHolly Wiersma

I was watching this movie and it started glitching and freezing. Im Pretty sure it wasnt my x box

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The quality of the dvd was great but this movie SUCKS.

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Probing the blurry lines between paranoia and nightmarish reality, BUG is an intense, mind-bending psychological thriller in which nothing is quite as it seems.

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That being said, these sort of characters really do exist, although I couldnt say with any certainty that the scenarios in this plot werent intentionally over exaggerated to make the point; motel rooms completely covered in aluminum foil and that sort of thing, however, there indeed, undereducated, seriously drug addled junkies, war veterans with a host of mental issues and good for nothing, wife beating ex cons.

Freidkin unleashes a totally original and riveting psychological drama. The symptoms of this story frantically spread and feed off your mind in frightening fashion. A psychotically sick tale that plagues you with themes of loneliness, desperation, and mental instability. Plus it lightly touches on notions of government control and the devastating effects of war. Such a great film, one that might come off as ridiculous to some as it blazes an unfamiliar path. But for open-minded movie watchers ready to be challenged, this is must-see stuff.

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Ashley Judds performance launches this sleeper into the five-star category. Her final speech is a rant that took me, like Alice, on a trip inside the rabbit hole of her characters mind.

A bit slow, but great character development takes time. Amazing acting, they nailed it.

Excellent film thats well worth watching. Scotty, beam me up.Regarding the ending, I guess extremely over the top situations like those depicted in this movie really do happen; although its not regular fare on the 10 oclock news; thank God.

This movie did not do big box office numbers, but it is a riveting story, with excellent performances from Ashley Judd and the whole cast! The acting is so real I fealt like I was in the movie! Often underlooked, but well worth your time to check it out! Not for children, due to some of the dialog and violence. Buy it!

She meets a mysterious loner named Peter, and he might offer a hand toward gaining some mental stability. Or he might push them both over the edge. We quickly realize its most likely the latter, as this romance doesnt take long to unravel. Peter is a war veteran, and claims to be the victim of some extreme government experimentations. His military leaders apparently planted bugs under his skin. This may or may not be true, but one thing is for sure–his inner demons are about to come crawling out.

The initial appearance of the Michael Shannon character is well handled; the viewers gut feeling is that somethings not right here but is he a red herring or something more insidious?

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This is no horror film, unless you are horrified by folie a deux madness and addiction to dopamine. If youre looking for another lights out, this isnt it. However, if you want a thought-provoking film that keeps you guessing, Bug is a great contender.

ByC. Christopher Blackshereon February 8, 2010

Ashley JuddMichael ShannonHarry Connick Jr.

These are three perfect ingredients for making a real killer cocktail. I could have easily given this 5 stars but something about the way in which the plot escalates doesnt strike me as being entirely plausible and is somewhat overacted towards the end.

i thought Judds performace was awesome. This is a decent into madness.

One of the viewers on Amazon gave such a perfect review of the movie, I cannot help but copy and paste his. I give him full credit because I am too exhausted to do it myself. But he hit the nail on the head. The first time I watch this movie I was simply stating, WTF; but the second time I watched it, WOW. The third time I watched it, I really psychologically analyze the both of them through the whole thing. Any movie that makes me watch it three times, its worth my while:

First off, totally exterminate any preconceived notions of the extreme horror you might be accustomed to. Bug is more of an alarming psychological journey into the human mind, an intense exploration of a broken soul. Its closer to the films Beautiful Mind and Conspiracy Theory than something like Aliens or The Fly. Director William Freidkin opens the crazy door and dares you to step inside.

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Thinking of my dad who had paranoid schizoaffective disorder while I watched this movie…OK, Im not usually into these kinds of movies where there are just a handful of people and one setting, but this movie features a truly bizarre story line with phenomenal acting skills. I have not enjoyed Michael Shannon in anything he has done, so I was hesitant to watch it, but Im bored and just watched a sucky movie, so why not? Boy was I pleasantly surprised. The story centers around a dirt poor girl who lives in an old motel who is introduced to a friend of a friend. Initially he seems like good company compared to her abusive ex-husband, but things start to take an uncomfortable turn when the new friend starts to see bugs. The bugs were apparently acquired while he was in the army during one of the endless wars over there. As the story progresses, the bug problem just snowballs. Once again, the theatrics of Ashley Judd, Michael Shannon, and Harry Connick Jr really make this weird story into a story that will embed itself into your skin.

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The film starts off well, very well, with bulls eye accurate character development; completely accurate and believable.

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