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The snooze feature has already been made available to a small number of Facebook users. To enable it, you first need to find a post that contains the words you dont want to see. Tapping the drop-down arrow will bring up the option to snooze keywords in this post. From there, youll be given a list of nouns in the text you might want to filter out of future posts. (A post aboutGame of Thronesmight give you the option to block the words Jaime, Cersei, and White Walkers, for example.) The snooze setting will automatically expire after 30 days.

WatchingShark Weekon a ship in the middle of the ocean isnt the only way to get in the mood for the event. Brush up on yourShark Weekknowledge withsome factsbefore the programming begins next month.

Samaria Graham won the role of Shelly, and kept it despite her unenthusiastic response to the news. Im not really excited about it,she told theLos Angeles Timesin 1994. Its just another job. I mean, Im happy, but Im not thrilled or anything.

From June through September, select seven-day voyages in the cruise lines eastern and western Caribbean itineraries will offer theShark Weekexperience. Guests can book their trip now starting at $549. Cruises traveling from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska will also be shark-themed in mid-July, and through July and early August, Princess is hosting two-week shark cruises leaving from the UK (though these are currently booked up).

Burdines, Dillards and Jacobsons were three stores that sold the linein the summer of 1993.

Twenty-five years afterBlossomfirst aired, Lawrences Whoa! catchphrase remains one of the shows lasting legacies. But originally, no one found the line (which was intended to be delivered in more of a surfer dude fashion) very funny. The executive producer came up to me and said, Can you try something else? People arent finding it humorous,Lawrence recalledearlier this year. I dont know where that came from! I just tried it once and did this weird thing and people laughed. They laughed tremendously long. We did a second take and they laughed again … Its so weird that word has transcended 20 years. I can only imagine what that word would have been had social media been what it is today. It took off in the course of one night once it hit the airwaves, but with social media, it probably would have been twice as fast.

To help get into character as the energetic Six LeMeure, Jenna would mash up all this candymalted milk balls, M&Msin a coffee cup, then fill it with Coke or hot coffee, Ted Wass (who played Blossoms dad)recalled toPeople.

With it being 20 years now since the shows end, here are someBlossomtruths discovered at the end of Ms. Russos video diary.

When Discovery Channels 30th annualShark Weekpremieres this summer, youll have the option to watch it from the safe, dry comfort of your living room. Or you can book a trip aboard aShark Weekcruise and view the specials in a more appropriate setting. AsThrillistreports, Princess Cruises is hosting its first-ever Summer of Shark with select ships featuring shark-themed decor, activities, and opportunities to view shows from this yearsShark Week.

Written by Mike Post and Steve Geyer, it was titled My Opinionation.

A 1991MediaWeek surveyratedBlossomas the most popular show for viewers aged 12 to 17, and some of that was thanks to Lawrence. One estimate had him receiving4000 to 7000letters a day, while another claimed he received15,000 a either case, thats a lot of fan mail.

Reo also wanted to make a show with aHolden Caulfield-type protagonist, so he combined that with the hip father idea and wrote a pilot for NBC. Blossom was just the younger sister in the script, until a female network executive suggested to Reothat she become the star.

Before each wardrobe fitting, costume designer Sherry Thompson and costume supervisor Marion Kirkwould spend three hourschecking out clothes in Melrose Avenue boutiques and chain stores to find outfits for Blossom and Six. Then Bialik, Bialiks mother, Thompson, Kirk, a seamstress, and a milliner would figure out what would work and what wouldnt.

She decided to take the other role she was offered at the same time:the title role inClarissa Explains It All.

In addition to being an actorand star ofThe Incredible HulkBill Bixby was a prolific television director. After being behind the camera for most ofBlossoms third season and the first half of season four, Bixby sadlypassed away at the age of 59 after a long battle with prostate cancer.Five weeks later, Ted Wass wifepassed away from ovarian cancer.

17 Facts About

There was a lot to like aboutBlossom, the 1990s sitcom that averaged about 12 million viewers per week during its five-season run and briefly turned Mayim Bialik into a fashion icon. The show was more than The Show That Was On AfterThe Fresh Prince of Bel-AirOn Monday Nights; it dealt with all of the occasionally serious problems one would expect from a single dad raising a precocious teenage daughter and a recovering drug addict older son. There was also plenty of lightness to counter the dark moments, courtesy of Joey Lawrences dumb jock son character, Sixs verbal torrents, and Blossoms dream sequences with 90s celebrities (like ALF!).

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Series creator Don Reo was an invited guest to DiMuccis 50th birthday party in Florida. Though he was a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, DiMucci acted like a normal parent with his three daughters, giving the formerM*A*S*H,Rhoda, andThe Golden Girlswriterthe idea for a family sitcom about a cool dad.

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NBC aired theBlossompilot as a one-off special on July 5, 1990exactly one year to the day that they did the same for theSeinfeldpilot. There were notable differences between the pilot presentation and the eventual series: an accountant named Terry and a stay-at-home mom named Barbara were Blossoms parents (the two have marital troubles), Joeys name was Donny, and the theme songwas Bobby Browns My Prerogative(changed to its eventual version in syndication and DVDs.) When NBC picked up the series, Don Reo convinced the network it was okay to have both a hip musician and a cool teen on the same show.

Stoyanov forced production to write Anthony off the show toward the end of the fifth and final season when he accepted a job writing forLate Night with Conan OBrien. Though he went on to write forMad TVandMr. Show with Bob and David, Stoyanov eventually regretted leaving the series. I didnt fully appreciate the position I was in,he toldPeoplein 2000. Ive learned not to take anything for granted.

But it was thefirst show that he directed, which is where he focuses his creative efforts nowadays. Wass has worked on a number of multi-camera comedies including2 Broke Girls,Last Man Standing, andMelissa & Joey(which reunited Wass with his former son Joey Lawrence).

In the pilot, six was the number of beers her parents drank the night she was conceived. In another episode, it was because she was the sixth child in her family.

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The internet may soon become a much safer place for people looking to avoid spoilers. AsTechCrunchreports, Facebook is testing a feature that would allow you to snooze certain words in your news feed for 30 days, including the title of your favorite movie franchise or TV show.

Snooze is good for more than hiding spoilers: It can also be used to block triggering or offensive words, but users will still need to enable it every 30 days. Unlike Twitter, Facebook gives its users no option to mute words permanently, but that may change based on the response to this new feature.

When they arent watching footage ofcage divesor jumping great whites in their rooms, guests can continue the immersiveShark Weekexperience while exploring the ship. In the restaurants, which will be decorated to fit the theme, they can order special cocktails like the Shark Attack Margarita or Great Blue Shark. Kids will also be able to get in touch with their ferocious side: At theyouth centers, they will be invited to make shark teeth jewelry and clay shark models and get their faces painted to look like the underwater predators.

Finding a post with the exact words you dont want to read in the first place may make the feature more trouble than its worth, but Facebook tells TechCrunch its working on changing that. By the time it rolls out for everyone, users may be able to snooze keywords preemptively by going to their news feed preferences. The Facebook team is also looking into making snooze lists easy to save, so you can reactivate them whenever your favorite sports team plays a game or a new episode of a show you love premieres.

Blossom Blossoms was the first episode to air after the pilot, now with Ted Wass as the piano-playing single dad Nick. Rashad drawing fallopian tubes on a birthday cake made censors nervous, but the network didnt see any upside tocutting Clair Huxtable out of a heavily promoted episodeslated to air right afterThe Cosby Show.

Anthony Russosdescription of a boring datewas changed from Ive known people on Thorazine who were more fun than this girl to Ive known people who were unconscious who were more fun than this girl at the request of the network. A mention of mushrooms was taken out entirely.

Shark Weekpremieres on Discovery Channel on July 24, and Princess is hosting itsShark Weekcruisesstarting in June. That means passengers will have the chance to see this years newShark Weekcontent weeks before the rest of the world does.


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