10 Ugly Actors

10 Ugly Actors

Ron Perlman. TheHellboy star who really didnt need much make-up for the role, his induction to the 10 ugly actors list has a face only a mother could love. With his long face, giant smile, and heavy and deep eyebrows, Perlman really has a unique face, in a bad way.

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Vincent Schiavelli.Well known for being a great character actor, his skill as such allowed for memorable performances in films such as Ghost and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Schiavellis droopy eyes and long face made him look as if he were melting. Sorry we have to give him a spot in the 10 ugly actors list, but at least he was a great supporting actor. He sadly passed away in 2005.

Clint Howard.Balding, big forehead, and miserable teeth describes this Burbank, California native who has had a wonderful career in acting. He is the brother of Ron Howard, who played Opie (Taylor) and Richie (Cunningham).

Willem Dafoe.With an impressive resume of movies such as Spider-Man and The Boondock Saints, Dafoe looks like an old rubber halloween mask on an old man body. Skinny and wrinkly, with bad hair, Dafoe earns his 10 ugly actors spot as he has never looked like a living human being.

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Richard Kiel.The 72 giant of a man has played villains in various movies including Jaws in James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me. Kiel has always looked old, even in his earlier films such as 1963s House of The Damned. With his misshapen face and bad hair cut, Kiel is a shoo-in for one of the 10 ugly actors in Hollywood.

Linda Hunt.Another female to the ten ugly actors list, Hunt was the prettiest when she lent her voice to the animated movie The Incredibles. With her dutch boy haircut and visually unpleasing face of a man, Hunt has had a lot of vocal roles including God of War video game trilogy as well as narrator in the television show The American Experience. At least now they keep her behind the screen instead of on camera.

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Rosie ODonnell.Never has someone been equally ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. Rosie ODonnell is a loudmouth bully who uses her actions to cover her insecurities as an overweight and dark human being. Congratulations Rosie, you earn a spot in the 10 ugly actors list with both the way you look and the way you present yourself.

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Marty Feldman.Though Graves Disease has left Feldman with bulged eyes, he became a comedian, writer, and an award winning actor. His condition gave a dynamic to his comedy that may have been lost if not for it. Feldman would probably be included in any 10 ugly actors lists, though his achievements overshadow his condition and created remarkable career. Sadly,Feldman passed away in 1982.

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Steve Buscemi.Sadly, this accomplished and well respected actor was not bitten with the same bug for his looks as he was for his acting talent. Buscemi joins the 10 ugly actors due to his heavy eye lids, and creepy snaggled-tooth smile. His weird stare also lends to the uncomfortable demeanor of this beloved actor.

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Michael Berryman.Berryman has made a career out of playing big ugly bad guys. With 1977s The Hills Have Eyes, he played Pluto, a inbred hick, and was in The Devils Rejects, Rob Zombies flick. Berryman has a medical condition known as Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia, by which his teeth, hair, fingernails, and sweat glands are missing. Berrymans inclusion in the ten ugly actors list is an endearment rather than a slight.

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The saying Just another pretty face certainly doesnt pertain to these 10 ugly actors. You dont always have to have a Hollywood look to become successful on the big screen. Many actors cant get by on their looks alone and are respected by the work they do and for their incredible talents.

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