10 Creepy Bug Movies to Make You Squirm

10 Creepy Bug Movies to Make You Squirm

Horror movies have exploited our hard-wired entomological revulsion for almost a century, their physical representation adapting (like insects adapt) to the times and mirroring our innate cultural fear of the other.

Its easy to figure out why insects make many peoples skin crawl. Bugs, those small, alien, herd-like fiends that fear us more than we fear them but nevertheless find their ways into our secret spots, mutating and morphing and breeding and biting and generally making our lives miserable.

Here then, in honor of my centipede run-in this morning, are 10 random horror and science fiction films that exploit our fear of bugs, whether giant, radiated, super-intelligent or, in the cases of at least two of the films, invasive of our verygenetic make-ups.

This morning, this writer stepped into the shower only to be greeted by one of those vulgar,house centipedesthat almost look like vermin when they gallop away from things they deem to be a threat. Now, these creatures are harmless and normally I try to usher insect invaders back outside to start fresh lives free of human domesticity. But theres something about these critters that just makes me snap.

Get the Raid and reveal your own favorite bad bug movies in the comments section below

And were sure that you too have a sort of bug that makes you scream.


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